About Pawesome CBD

In 2018, two dog sisters Angel and Roxy (Boxers), along with their brother Leo (Bichon Frise), decided to launch Pawesome CBD after watching friends from all species and breeds suffer health and wellness issues. All three wanted to put pets before profits and health before wealth. One thing Leo wanted to make sure of was that the products were made without a coconut oil carrier like most other pet brands because he had allergies. Leo chose hemp oil as the base for the new products, truly creating a safer more effective CBD product for animals. Pawesome strives to supply lab tested, premium CBD at an affordable price so that all animals can live better lives. The three of them continued to accomplish this and won the CBD Pet Category at the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 along with the 2022 Phoenix Awards. This is just the beginning as we strive to make sure all pets have access to quality, lab tested CBD products across the globe.

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